High frequency biochemistry
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About me - Wolfram Kunz

  • Pharmacist and naturopath
  • Mineral consultant according to Dr. Schuessler at the European Institute for Biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler
  • Certified consultant for intestinal health
  • Medicinal herb teacher
  • TAM Traditional occidental medicine according to Paracelsus
  • Spagyric annual qualification
  • Andullation therapist
  • professional Ceres consultant
  • Consultant for anthroposophic medicines


My healing methods

  • face and skin analysis by Dr. Schüßler
  • mineral therapy by Dr. Schüßler
  • tongue diagnostics by H.D Bach, Ferronato and Schüßler
  • Patho­­physiognomics by Natale Ferronato
  • Phyto­­therapy by Paracelsus
  • Micro­­biological bowel check / bowel build-up
  • Body detoxification
  • water energetization
  • Diathermy
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Both the Tesla-Experimenting-Set and extensive advice and support are of course available from me

Dr. Schüßler and Nikola Tesla


This book gives you an insight into the modern, biochemical healing methods according to Dr. Schuessler and its combination with the biophysical healing method of the "cell tuner" after Dr. Tesla. Each salt, as well as exact dosage of important topics and indications, is explained in an understandable and practical way.

This book wont collect dust on your bookshelf, but will be your daily companion.
Schüßler Porträt

Mineral therapy by Dr. Schüßler has proven itself over 150 years. In the past, you only took one mineral, three tablets a day, and stopped after a week. But that was not enough to fill the actual mineral shortage. Today we understand what Dr. Schuessler had in mind, who himself classified his healing method as non-homeopathic healing method! We provide the body with combinations of minerals that complement and reinforce each other in larger, exact doses over a longer period of time. The success and effectivity of this new method far exceed that of the historical small-dosed method. The perfect complement to mineral therapie is the face and skin analysis of my patients, which tells me which minerals the patient lacks.

"Health takes place between the beginning and end of the digestive tract." - Paracelsus

The intestine is not just a waste tube, but the "root" of the "human plant". With modern laboratory diagnostics, it is possible to create an extensive intestinal map:How is the mucous membrane doing, are there inflammations, how dense and how thick is this important nutrient medium? Which bacteria live there? What about the good bacteria that take care of our metabolism, affecting our psyche!, for the immune system, for the allergy situation, etc. Have germs gained the upper hand, which now send inflammatory substances, toxic gases and much more to the intestinal mucosa? If the mucosa is leaking, do those toxic substances spread, distributed through the bloodflow, also through the whole body? The combination of Schüßler with intestine diagnostics as anti-measure shows promissing results!

Tesla Porträt

Regardless of whether you use minerals, neurotransmitters, hormones, the organs, in the end it always is the field of chemistry taking care of your health. If you look at health from the perspective of physics, completely new treatment methods becomes possible.

The electricity genius Tesla (800 patents!) had already developed a device for medical treatment, his friend Mark Twain regularly came for treatment sessions. A healthy cell has a voltage of - 70 mV. Old and diseased cells show a clear loss of energy, regardless of whether it is pain or inflammation. The cancer cell still has ~15mV, zero millivolts means death. The Watervitalizer by Wassermatrix is ​​set to the frequency of the power plants of the body, the mitochondria, and refills the energy level again so that the natural repair mechanisms can "kick in". Georges Lakhovsky even had successes treating cancer in 1920 (thoroughly documented and recorded). Treatment with physic-medicine had prevailed until Adolf Hitler had the books of the researcher Ewald Paul confiscated and burned. It is thanks to Arthur Tränkle that this fantastic medicine is experiencing a renaissance. The success of the Watervitalizer of Wassermatrix is ​​just as spectacular as it was back then.

The approaches of both Dr. Tesla and Dr. Schuessler are amazingly similar and complement each other in an surprisingly optimal way, focusing on energy and the individual cell. If all cells become healthy, the human being must also be healthy :-)